Letters to the editor

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Shameful policy

Re: Golf workers lose privileges at city courses (July 30)

As the result of a reorganization, the article explains, people that work at the city golf courses have had their golfing privileges “paused,”pending an “investigation.”

Would it not be a simple act of kindness and decency to these city employees to allow them golf privileges (which cost the city almost nothing) to help compensate for an otherwise low wage?

It would seem that there can be little in the way of an valid explanation for removing these privileges. As I understand it, the city courses opened in May. Brantford was under a state of emergency for COVID-19 at that time, and continues to be under a modified state of emergency now.  Despite these known health risks, workers at the city courses showed up for work and have kept the courses running for the benefit of all residents.

Now, as a way of saying thanks for this selfless sacrifice, the city has chosen to remove their golf privileges? Absolutely shameful. The Brantford public works department needs to immediately reverse its stance and restore golf privileges to the city golf workers.

We are still in a pandemic. I would hope that the public works department has more important things to deal with.

Garnet Guest

Terrible decision

Since no one knows when the coronavirus will be put in its place, allowing us all to get back to normal, it would be a good idea for the city to rescind its plan to sale Arrowdale.

So far, golf is one fresh air sport for all ages and genders that is not spreading the virus. It allows all ages to get out, participate and socialize respecting the pandemic health rules.

Brantford is a growing city. Surely, city councillors must realize that Northridge will not be able to handle the growth in demand from golfers. Arrowdale is helping fill that demand now.

From watching city council meetings, I see little attention paid to concerns of residents, many of whom think the decision to sell Arrowdale is wrong.

When there is something that the community uses and loves, such as Arrowdale, I believe councillors should take a step back and reconsider their decision and maybe look for alternatives to satisfy the need for revenue to build affordable housing.

Selling Arrowdale will be a monumental terrible decision that is irreversible.

Having a beautiful 49-acre, nine-hole golf course in the middle of a city is unique. And city councillors want to sell it for money.

Please reconsider this decision, restore the taxpayers’ faith in their civic government and save a significant part of Brantford’s heritage.

Kevin Flicker

No comparison

Re: From Poland, an early warning sign in a U.S. election year (July 17)

Although I am not Polish I have friends, family and business acquaintances in Poland. I find it a very interesting country. I find it odd columnist Gwynne Dyer would try to compare Poland to the U.S.

The current struggle between the more right wing government and the somewhat less right wing opposition is not comparable to the U.S. situation. The comparison diminishes the efforts of Poles. What we are seeing now are efforts by Poles to take control of their own destiny and narrative.

Bluntly, they aren’t interested in listening to the self-serving views of outsiders.

Graham Butler,


We are at war with this virus. Men and women went to war during the first and second world wars, Korean War, and other to make Canada a safer place to live and raise our families. Soldiers gave their lives for us and all these anti-mask protesters want to do is make a name for themselves.

This is the law. Wear a mask or else. We need to protect each other. If they choose not to wear a mask and get this virus, they’ll go to the hospital and get help from medical staff, who are our real heroes.

B Wedlake,
Exeter, Ont.