Letters to the editor

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Learn from history

With the current disdain we are hearing among ideologists who are insulted by any historical artifacts, street names or any array of other seemingly offensive hot points, I suggest history is not there to like or dislike, It is there to learn from. If it offends you, that’s a good thing. Perhaps then you will be less likely to repeat it. It’s not yours to erase. It belongs to all of us.

Garry Goold

Just wear a mask

Re: Wearing masks should be personal decision (Letter, July 28)

OK, enough!  Get off your high horses and just wear your masks.

We all want this virus over and everything back to normal.  Get the government off your back? What?  Do you wear a seat belt while in the car? Do you go to a restaurant with no shirt on? Remember when health specialists suggested we cough into our arm instead of our hand.  What do you do? Do you even cover your mouth when you cough?  Why? Who cares about making the people around you sick!

Whatever any doctor said months ago does not necessarily pertain to the present. They are constantly finding new things about this virus; first only the elderly got sick, now children are dying.  Sure, wearing a mask may give you a false sense of security, but, in a store, wouldn’t you rather walk by someone who was wearing a mask rather than not wearing one?

The sooner this thing is over, the sooner all businesses will be back to normal.  But as long as people continue to have gatherings of 100 people ( because they want to feel normal again!), we will never be back to normal.

D. Ferrier

Lack of common sense on display

The letter writer is fooling himself when he states: “The epidemic is waning and to treat it like a major health crisis is not necessary.”

Of course, it is  a health crisis. Ask any front line worker.

The reason the government is in “our face “about wearing masks is because of witless idiots like the Brampton man who threw a party for possibly 200 on the weekend. We do not want to be shut down again.

Yes, people are entitled  to make personal decisions. But not all  people use common sense when it comes to their  own safety and that of others around them and therefore it must be mandated.

Certainly, there has been confusion over whether to wear masks but as science progresses so, too, does our understanding of  the consequences  of this virus. Now, the recommendation from scientists and health officials is that wearing a mask will help protect us, as well as others. Well, I will bow to their expertise. Just wear the damn mask, please,

Liz Richmond-Lee
Port Dover

Home for good

Enough with the negative comments. Many long-term care homes are doing a great job despite what the unions, NDP and certain journalists say. I have personal experience. My wife has been in LTC for over four years. She gets excellent care at a for-profit home. No doubt there are homes that are badly managed. That can be fixed. In my opinion, the biggest issue facing all homes now and in the future is the recruitment of personal support workers. Running the odd TV ad and putting signs up in vacant lots will not accomplish anything. Local community colleges run PSW programs. I understand the drop-out rate is high. What is required is a provincial strategy. A suggestion is to go to the countries that provide the best PSWs starting with the Philippines. Action has to start now before we reach the crisis level. We may be close to that level now.

John Pare