Letters to editor: Mandatory masks puts us on right track

Letters to the Editor

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Mandatory masks puts us on right track

I was reading Lisa Shumaker’s story with its  title “Global coronavirus deaths exceed 700K” (Aug. 6) and thought while this number of victims is frightening, it still pales in comparison to the death toll of previous global pandemics.

From the Plague of Justinian (541 – 588)  which killed 50 million people, to the Black Death (1347 -1351) which also killed 50 million, or in other words 30 to 50 per cent of the European population at that time, to the Hong Kong flu (1968) that killed over one million people.

Even tuberculosis, a disease with a very similar transmission mode as COVID -19  has been all but eradicated in North America but still claimed 1.5 million victims globally in 2018.

Cholera (a water borne disease) is another example, and it has been terrorizing the people of Haiti for the last nine years, causing 800,000 people to get sick, resulting in 10,000 deaths.

Now the majority of these pandemics that have happened to mankind are the result of the unsanitary practises of its people, and the lack of medical facilities, knowledge, government infrastructure, and support.

I think in Canada we are on the right track by wearing masks in public places, and social distancing.

Seven hundred thousand is an unacceptable number of victims but unfortunately it is our reality. Till we have a vaccine that will cure the virus, we all must remain ever mindful of it.

Randy King



Golf is a want not a need

According to my simple research, approximately one in 10 Canadians play golf.

While I have no problem with that, this 10 per cent seems to be making a lot of noise about Brantford city council deciding, appropriately in my opinion, to sell the Arrowdale facility.

The squeaky wheel always gets the grease, as the saying goes, but I suspect the perceived support these special interest groups have is somewhat less than they would like to believe.

Carrying signs and making a scene doesn’t make your point any more widely accepted or valid.

Yes, sell the golf course, used by approximately 10 per cent of our population, yet paid for by all of us.

Yes, I can think of much better uses of my tax dollar.

Although I’m not a sports fan at all, if you want something that is for the majority of people, regardless of socio-economic demographics, add a soccer pitch or two. There’s a sport for people of all levels of prosperity and backgrounds.

I’m happy to see the Arrowdale course sold. I’ll wager there are many like me.

Mike Lapointe



Show support for Arrowdale

This is a letter to all Brantfordians who are against the sale of Arrowdale Golf Course.

It is time to step-up and support Peter Sheere and his committee who are fighting hard for us. You can do your part by giving a donation and/or signing a petition, both of which can be done any Saturday between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. at the Gunners Club.

So Brantford, it is time to come together and get involved. Call the mayor, call your councillors,  let them know that you are not going to accept this kind of sale with no public input. Donate please, be vocal, together we can stop this sale.

If the mayor and councillors are allowed to get away with this, who knows what else is in store for Brantford?

Betty Ann MacPherson