Letters: Benefits go beyond balance sheet

Letters to the editor

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Benefits beyond balance sheet

Re: Council made right decision, Expositor, Aug.11

A man who pays $6,000 in taxes, plays at an 18-hole golf course and presumably runs a household based on a sound financial plan, should probably leave it at that and say no more about golf courses.

It is better that he be thankful for his own good fortune and think twice about denigrating “about 100 people” who do laugh while enjoying the benefits of a walk at a small course, even if they have to hit a ball to do so.

Unlike many one-track businesses like Bombardier and Eaton’s that I’m sure had sound financial plans, golf, golf courses and golfers don’t fit well into a corporate mold. Many benefits of golfing go far beyond a balance sheet, whether the course has nine or 18 holes and cannot be quantified.

If this cannot be recognized, then we don’t deserve an 18-holer either.

Tony Broscomb



SPCA staff does amazing job

Over the holiday weekend a little cat was found lying in the grass beside my property. He was barely breathing.

This was a beautiful little tabby cat with four white socks. I had noticed him in the neighbourhood since he was beautiful but appeared to be lonesome. He did not look hungry so I just assumed he had bad owners to leave him out so much.

In any case my neighbour stayed and petted him while I came in to call the SPCA – I was able to get through right away. I’m pretty sure I sounded somewhat hysterical but the staff worker was very calm, which enabled me to get out the information she needed to proceed.

Within a half hour the SPCA emergency staff was here to pick him up – again, efficient and courteous. He was taken to the vet that the SPCA uses.

I called to follow up the next day. At the time I was told his vitals were good and he was holding his own.  Unfortunately a couple hours later a staff member from the SPCA called me to let me know a decision was made to put him to sleep.

The whole process from start to finish with kitty went exactly as it should have with respect to the staff at the SPCA. This group was amazing.

I would like to encourage the people of Brantford to donate whatever they can to the Brant County SPCA made simpler by doing so online through their website.

And one last comment – it sure would be nice if people treated animals better. It’s very simple – just don’t get a pet if you are incapable of being a good pet parent,  which means shelter, food, not abusing them, walking them if it’s a dog without jerking on their necks – and reporting abuse if you are aware of any situation where this is happening.

Linda Prokopiec



Speaking truth a revolutionary act

Our rights and freedoms are being tampered with, eroded and restricted under the pretext of protecting us from ourselves when what we actually need is protection from despotic government.

With every new emergency, real or imagined, the state seizes more power, which it then refuses to relinquish growing in this way by accretions to a totalitarian monstrosity – the hideous Hobbesian leviathan.

We need valid, accurate and reliable information, not a slate of half-truths and lies; but we’re not getting it.

The so-called “new normal” is nothing but Orwellian newspeak meant to befuddle us and assuage our timorous apprehension as the social-engineering continues.

George Orwell’s dire warning is prophetic: In the age of lies speaking the truth becomes a revolutionary act.

Werner Broschinski