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The buck stops here, all flash and no substance are just two of the phrases that come to mind when I think about our present prime minister.

In the real world when things go wrong the leader of that business, corporation, government or a division of the armed forces steps forward and takes the blame, admits where he/she went wrong and suggests steps to be taken to rectify the problem or simply resigns.

I see our PM as a song and dance man who spins a good tale but is basically all flash and no substance. He loves being on the international stage and guaranteeing to spend our tax dollars on whatever the international community wants: $180 million here and another $50 million there, when we can’t even look after our own pressing problems.

It is bad enough that he dropped the ball on COVID-19 vaccines but how long does it take to clean mercury from rivers that pollute the drinking water along their banks? (Been talking about it for over 10-plus years.) How long does it take to provide electricity and water to our northern communities? What about providing good medical care in our northern communities? If we truly want to put our people back to work, spend this money at home and create thousands of needed job opportunities.


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I believe that we should definitely help those less fortunate than we are but many of our own citizens are less fortunate and do not have the same opportunities as those in the southern parts of this great country.

It is about time we stop talking about the problems and fix them instead.

On a local topic I am a little disappointed that the land surrounding Norview Lodge, which was once owned by the county, is now being developed for some more housing. It will almost completely surround the facility.

First thing I observed was the cutting down of many trees. The space could have been used for an extension of Norview, as we all know it will be needed in the not too distant future as our population continues to live longer.

Another example of poor planning. A much needed hospice would have made an excellent addition to this property. Hindsight is always 20-20 but foresight takes intelligent planning.

While I am on a roll, has anyone else noticed that the traffic signs around our town have taken on new meaning for some drivers? That red six-sided stop sign now means slow down look both ways and proceed (called a rolling stop) for some motorists. It appears the amber light on traffic signals now means speed up and beat the red. The 50-kph signs now mean anything but 50 for some people. I guess I am just behind the times.

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